Flatulence - your experience(s)?

Since most other topics have been discussed, what do you all do about flatulence? Not the quiet, non-smelly type. Or even the loud, heard over the drum line stuff. But that which smells enough it would make a buzzard puke?

I already eat clean. Have been for years been slowly increasing the veggies and fruits. Some days the buzzards would die, others they would just gag.

Usually hits later in the day (am exercise). Family is getting disturbed w this.

Anyone else experience this? How did you deal w it?


It’s an excellent weapon. Prevents folks from sucking your wheel. Learning how to wield such a weapon takes years of training and discipline, as it is a double-edged sword that can easily backfire (pun intended).

That said, ask your doctor to refer you to a GI specialist. I know of three people who had the exact same issue, some sort of bacteria present in the upper gut (small intestine mainly). Took a course of two of a specific type of antibiotic and things improved drastically, as in going from lactose-intolerant to not.


Inulin intolerance?

Try eating Jerusalem artichokes as a test - I did it once in ignorance, once by accident. Never again.

On the bike, use a lighter, it will make you faster like having a little nitrous.


I got a spam e-mail for this today…timely.


One of the challenges I’ve found is that eating “clean” can result in a diet with a lot of fiber as well as several sugars which are only digested by the microbes in your gut. An example is beans/lentils which contain raffinose which can cause an increase in really smelly gas

Diet soda and beans kill me.

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I have experienced similar issues in the past and would be interested to know whether anyone has experience utilising ‘anti-gas’ capsules / digestive enzymes? I would love an ‘easy’ solution however I’m not too sure about throwing some unknown pills from the chemist into my body!

Black beans and rice (with Taco Bell’s mild sauce)…look dafuq out!!! My gas is horrible anyway. My CPAP machine doesn’t help matters

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diet Coke with Mentos is the worst, makes me feel bloated af


I’m just trying these at the moment.

I forgot to mention: After a race, when I have had several Torq gels – stay away. Just stay away.

Eating lots of fruits (pear tree was great to us this year) and still trying to increase the veggie intake.

I need to get my annual checkup done anyway (get $ back from insurance if I do so) so can ask him. At least I have a GP that understands fitness freaks.

I find the best strategy for this is via three simple words.

It wasn’t me.

Those words can get you out of many uncomfortable situations. Now when it’s just you and another person, you have to follow those words with a forced chuckle while you stare them down.


So just to follow up on my previous post, I got some clarification as to what the the issue was.

Turns out it was the presence of certain gut bacteria that’s normally only found in the large intestines that somehow made their way up to the small intestines.

In a 2 person situation, your words change to "what did you do? ". And you have to look serious, no chuckling here. :rofl:

Hey, if it ain’t paying rent, get rid of it!

Try eating less at each meal. That helped me.

Agreed. Almost always a result of overeating in one sitting. Chipotle often a culprit. It’s like my body’s way of telling me my fat energy stores are being replenished with gas being the byproduct. Hopping on the bike (burning it up) seems to help settle things down.

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