Fixed gear track bike + Assioma pedals = outdoor TR ride :D

Does anyone else use a fixed gear bike w/ power for training?

I’ve been off the trainer and outside all last week and will be again this week. We’re super lucky here in Nashville, TN to have access to a 1/2 mile oval stock car speedway near downtown that our local club rents each Tuesday night. It’s fantastic for training! I’ve also got a long flat road near my house w/ bike lanes that I do laps up and down. Another great training venue!

Today I did almost 3 hours of Z2/Z3 on my fixed gear track bike and, for the first time, rode with a set of Dual Assioma pedals - it’s a great combo!

I’m REALLY excited about what @Nate_Pearson is hinting at w/ outdoor ride integration as I need a lot of long Z2 rides on top of my TR plan to build up my aerobic engine and prefer to do them outside when possible.

I’m an annual subscriber, love the podcasts and am a big fan of TR!


i work in a remote work location and we have a “tour de france” bike that i have been using for a while for bike workouts. about half a year ago someone broke the control panel which meant that i couldnt change gears, which meant i was essentially on a fixie. :frowning:

lucky for me at about 100rpm i was at my FTP so could fairly easily just do a lot of work holding various wattages, but it still sucked.

we had a spin bike that was in a different gym that i moved up recently. its not optimal but i can now at least adjust the resistance via a knob. its like a manual ERG mode! :rofl:

i bring my dual assiomas to work with me for cadence and wattage.

i have a tacx bikesmart on pre-order through work… if tacx will ever actually release the dang thing.

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I use a fixie with P1 pedals on the turbo. It’s a converted road bike rather than a proper track bike, but I got a forward offset seatpost to get the seat angle nice and steep. The aim is to do TTs on it, so it will go outside when the weather is nicer, but I tend to do training on TR and social rides outdoors, and I can’t do them on the fix. I’d love to learn to ride track at some point, but the nearest one’s a bit over an hour away and is an outdoor concrete one - the nearest indoor ones are basically 2 hours drive in any direction!
There are a couple of audax types I know online who do all their riding, including huge audaxes on fixed.

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Did 2hr endurance ride on the fixie today. Can’t recommend it enough for anyone who wants to get the most out of their time on the road.

You could join zwift for a little more scenery lol. :wink:

WAT? LOL :rofl: I had a Zwift subscription and prefer TrainerRoad for indoor rides. I don’t believe Zwift is a very good training platform compared to TR or structured outside rides.


I’ve done some training plans on each and I agree, tr has superior plans. But I’m a sucker for the gamification too.

Yes, I had a fixed gear bike hanging up in the garage for about 5 years as I had no powermeter to use on it but once one of my Powertaps broke and found out that Assiomas worked with fixed I jumped at the chance. I love riding fixed.

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I do 10-12hrs of Z2 rides during the week on a single speed (sorry, not a true blue fixie head). No PM either, just HRM. But, yeah, it’s so smooth. Highly recommend.

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