First Road Race Win Today!, thanks TR for good fitness and big help with the tactics

I’ve been racing ~10 years and finally got that elusive first win in a road race today. I give TR a lot of the credit here and not just for the training/fitness. I’ve been listening to a lot of the podcasts and also watching some of the race tactics videos. In particular, I had this week’s podcast fresh in my mind where Amber was talking about having a plan vs. just reading the race.

Today, I made it a point to read the race rather than sticking to my typical plan (attacking at the most predictable spots). I jumped off the front with another guy with around 6 miles to go. I kind of thought it was a dumb move, but I knew a group sprint wasn’t in my favor and there were a lot of crosswind to the finish (helping to neutralize the pack dynamic). I probably don’t try that move without listening to the podcast this week.

On the fitness front, my NP was about .85 of FTP for almost 3 hours today. I still had the legs to do ~15 minutes at threshold NP after the attack to finish the race. 25+ minutes (15%) of my time was in anaerobic zone and the legs never complained once. Best fitness of my life at 51. Thanks TR team for a great product!


Great job!!!


Awesome! Congrats!

That’s great news! Congrats. But more details man! What kind of plan were you following? Raw watts? Field size? So many details to learn!

Wins in bike racing are rare for most of us and very very hard earned. Congrats and I hope this is one of many to come for you.

Great job and I’m also glad you referenced results in terms of NP rather than w/kg!

Nice job & congrats on your win!

263W NP for the day, 310W NP for the last 15 minutes during the break away, which is right at my FTP. 335w for the last 5 minutes as I could see the pack gaining on me. I was thinking of all the times I’ve watched cycling on TV when the sprinters swarm a solo rider within sight of the line. With a mile to go, I thought I was going to be that guy, but I finished less than 2 seconds in front of the field in full sprint (the field was sprinting, I was pedaling like I was having a seizure at that point).

It was a CAT3/4 field of 100. It is a newer format they have been using where there isn’t a separate masters race, but we are just racing by category with scoring and podiums for 40+, 50+, 60+ and open 3/4. I didn’t win the overall 3/4 (ended up 6th), but won the 50+. That said, I’m counting it as a legit win with 23 guys in the 50+ field. I really like this format compared to open masters racing because you’re not asking Cat3/4’s to line up against ex pros and CAT1/2 guys who are still physical freaks.

I’m doing a bit of hybrid plan. I’m using the TR HV plans as the basic framework for my training and stick to the weekday workouts pretty closely. I substitute in a long and hard Saturday ride most weeks which is a mix of group ride and solo riding to/from that ride. I push for ~300 tss on this ride and have targets for time in zone depending on where I am in build/base. I know it’s not as effective as pure structured training, but it’s my fun day and I feel it really helps for long events (My A events this year are 6-9 hours). My training plan is based on HVSSBase, HVSustainedBuild, and I’ll probably do XC Marathon specialty.


I was pedaling like I was having a seizure at that point).

Best comment of the week. Congrats man on your win.

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