First ride on CushCore XC

Probably because it isn’t a rim designed for tubeless. I have been racing several seasons on 22ish mm wide wheels (Stans Valor and Podium) with 2.2-2.4 tires and have yet to burb. Even when I was near flat before a leak sealed I still didn’t burb, and I attribute that to the rim design.

I (145 pounds) can’t get away with anything less than 19 PSI on my XC bike on the front, and prefer closer to 25 in the back. Anything less and the handling goes to shit and/or I start to bottom out the tires on the rim. Coincidentally I run very similar pressures on my Enduro with 25-29mm wheels with Double Down casing tires. I trash a rear wheel about every 3 months too :joy:

It is a tubeless ready wheel. Also this is in the context of CX racing so 33mm tires.

You do not find that the handling gets really funky with the PSI difference front to back?
I always feel like a stumbling idiot when they are uneven like that. The front will grip and turn in over roots/rocks but the back will skip or slide out. I usually go 20-21 with just the slightest bit more pressure in the back.

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