Breck Epic Tire Recommendations?

Looking for some rec’s for tires. I know this will out the fact that I am actually a runner and not a mountain biker, but I generally don’t think a lot about my tires and this is a big enough event that may be a mistake!

I am still using the Maxxis Minion DHF EXO 27.5+'s that came on the bike, and don’t have any complaints about them. Wheels are Mercury Wheels X3 27.5+. I’ve always ridden the 2.8. Wondering if I should try to go a little smaller in the back.

2.8 Minions are overkill for Breck. I mean they’d be fine and you’d be able to absolutely blast through anything and rip descents, but they’re heavy and don’t roll as well as an xc tire.

I generally run 2.35 ikons or 2.4-2.6 rekons in Colorado high country, tubeless and exo. I don’t know how they’d mount to + size rims though.

Yep, i would think that climbing is such a priority in that race that you want to consider weight and rolling resistance…
My first time at BE as well…my choice is vittoria barzo 2.35’s front and rear…thoughts, opinions digs?

1st time at Breck epic as well and will likely run Rekon Race 2.35 or 2.4wt rear and Rekon 2.6 Front

I found the 2.8 Rekon Plus tires to be very nice when I had a 27.5+ Hightower. Noticeably lower rolling resistance than burlier tires like Minions and Specialized Butchers, but still plenty of grip.

How wide are your rims? I couldn’t find much info on those wheels but if they’re 35mm, you can go down to 2.6, but they’re 40mm, you’ll probably want to stick to 2.8.

what about tire inserts…thoughts for BE?

never messed with tire inserts. I have raced some GNARLY east coast races and very very very few run them for xc.