Tire nerds, suggest me a new XC tire to try!

My bike came with Specialized Fast Trax (29), but at my home courses (really the only place I ride), I have a hard time maintaining traction when climbing over roots and avoiding sliding over patches of clay, especially when wet. Can someone suggest to me a tire that would have a bit more bite in these areas? Maybe Ground Controls?

I would even be open to some fast and light trail tires, since I don’t really race that often.

love my Ray and Ralph for muddy slippy Irish conditions

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Ground Control has more grip than Fast Trak.

I have some new Roval Control Carbon wheels with 29mm internal. I’m going to start out with the new Fast Trak 2.35 front and Renegade 2.35 rear. I love the Renegade on the rear…not sold on the Fast Trak front yet. I don’t use inserts…am able to run low pressures without worry of pinch flats on my trails.