Maxxis Aspen tire pressure

I just moved from Ikons 2.35 to Aspens 2.25 (front and rear). I had 17.5 psi F and 18 psi R on Ikons but when I use same pressure for Aspens they feel firmer and i’m thinking about to use even lower preassure…

I’m interested what do you guys use?

Bit more info: i’m 69kg/152lbs and bike is scott spar, rims are 9th wave 24mm inner width. Ikons and aspens are 120 tpi, 3c, EXO verson.


Here you can see what the starting air presure will be for your setup:


I’m ~160, running Aspens on 30mm internal rims. Without inserts I’ll generally do 16/17 psi, lower than that started to feel too squirmy. With inserts (Tubolight sl) I’ll do 14-15 front, 15-16 rear

Is this for racing or training? What type of trails are you riding?

I know it is dependent on weight but most people I know are 24-28 (even know one who will go 30) on those tires for xc trail riding/racing. I know some who prefer lower pressures but those are usually enduro or DH guys.

I use the same 16/17 but at 145 (65kg). If you are pushing them and having no squishy handling I might go down a bit more.

I did 4hrs ride today on various terain and had 16f/17r and it was great…

Just few notices in comparing them to Ikons… they feel faster and thet are better in offcambers and corners than Ikons but on the other side when braking in straight line (when not on side knobs) they are so easy to “lock” wheel… and then you are not slowing too much!

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20/21 is a nice all around trail feel for me at 77kg, but I have to up that to 24-26 when I ride park. I can find the rim (insert) at 20/21 at extreme square edged hits, but I can generally avoid those. The rest of the time I do enjoy the extra traction.