First race back from cancer this Saturday! I'm also due to ramp test tuesday. How to structure the week?

Hey gang, I’ve been back training with structure since last Sept. I did SSB LVI and II. Then repeated SSB LVII. Then LV Gen’l Build I and II. Just got done with a de-load week. I’m racing for the first time this season this coming Saturday. A flat crit at the Air Force Academy here in CO.

What should I do Thursday? I’m thinking one of the “easier” Sweet Spot rides. Maybe 45min? I’m not fit enough, I don’t think, to train through the event and be able to finish.

Plus, with it being my comeback race after fighting cancer all last year, I really want to have a solid ride. Just finishing in the group would be a victory for me!

Thanks for any input!

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The usual thing is to look for workouts that get you to the intensity you’ll reach in the race, but for shorter durations. So you work the energy systems you’ll use in the race, but not over-work them.

A crit will be fairly punchy, with anaerobic and vo2 efforts. So maybe something like Sleeping Beauty -4, Cadillac, or Stanislaus -4?

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Like @martinheadon wrote, something of similar intensity, but shorter in duration to your race would be good.

Personally, I would do this on Friday as an opening workout and my week would be:
M - rest (assuming a Sunday ride)
T - whatever is on plan (assuming intervals of some type)
W - easy
T - endurance ride
F - opener ride (one of the ones above)
S - win…
S - deal with hangover


Sounds great @martinheadon and @d_diston, thank you!

I had a few moments free at work yesterday so I blogged about what I’m thinking going into this race.

Some other TR users encouraged me to blog about my return to racing so I’ve been trying to jot down my thoughts here and there.

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Will read the blog shortly, I do follow it. However the race goes you will be a winner.

First of all, kudos on coming back and fighting cancer all year. My hat is off to you.
I’ll be at this crit too and doing the road race sunday. Not super tech, has one hairpin, slight downhill to the last corner. Maybe do some openers on Friday. It works for some. I’m a fan of a complete rest day prior to a weekend of racing, but that’s just me.
Monday: off
Tuesday: v02 work
Wednesday: easy/endurance
Thursday: not sure yet. Probably threshold/sweet spot but only 45 mins to an hour. Had a huge weekend.
Friday: either complete rest off the bike or a 45 min openers ride like Truuli. IF I do the openers, then I do them super early in the morning.

Blogged about my first race back. I wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for but I’m taking it as a success!

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I raced my 2nd race of the year this past Saturday. It went a little better with me hanging in there about 10 minutes longer then the previous week.

I blogged about it!