FINALLY! The return of a REAL MTB race series!

Finally something somewhat filling the void left by the Epic Rides series!

Stephen Davoust, Evelyn Dong, Ryan Standish, and Geoff Kabush collaborate to create the Singletrack Series of MTB races, which will include four existing standalone events:

  • Moab Rocks
  • Grand Junction Rides and Vibes
  • Whistler’s The Back Forty
  • The Downieville Classic

I was already planning on those first two, this is a great excuse to do the others and make this series my focus for the season!


I rode the GJ Off-road a few years ago and it was fun.

Do you know if the GJ course is going to be the same as past years? I wish they found a way to do more loops on the main trail network vs sending riders up the BLM road.

Moab looks like a fun set of courses also. I’ve ridden the porcupine and mag 7 trails. But not at Klondike. Might be a good excuse to fit in an early season trip to Moab.

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Did Downieville in the long ago. Great location and course

Seems like such a cool idea and series. I hope it gets great support!

Really hope this catches on and they are able to add some events on the east coast!


Last year (first year of GJ Rides & Vibes) the course was exactly the same as the last few iterations of the GJ Off-road, except that Saturday’s amateur classes finished just past the Lunch Loops trailhead – we didn’t have to go all the way back downtown.

I agree, the only thing that made me choose the 30 over the 40 for GJOR and Rides & Vibes is that you skip Windmill road – so it’s almost exclusively technical trail riding. Next year I’ll “man up” for the 40 since I’m turning 40 – seems fitting. There is an incredible new singletrack that parallels Windmill Rd now, but it’s primarily ridden the other direction, it seems like climbing it would just make the race course even harder.

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Downieville Classic and Tahoe Trail 100 are on the same day in 2023.

For non-racing - What’s the best way to get to the top of that trail? I’ve ridden up the road to get to the ribbon and it’s a bit of a haul. Getting to the top of Windmill trail looks even longer!

I’d bet. Going up the BLM road was hard. The slabs at the top were deceptively steep. The singletrack I’d imagine has steeper and more technical pitches.

Signed up for the GJ 30. A good excuse to get out to the western slope for some spring practice MTB rides. Looking forward to it!

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Non-racing best way to get to the top of the windmill trail is probably take the road up to billings TH parking lot, a ~mileish before the the ribbon TH. Then descend 4x4 trail, then climb 4x4 trail, then descend 4x4 trail, then climb 4x4… you get the point. You gotta WORK to get out to that trail but once there windmill is a super fun descent. It’s just so remote.
I did the 40 last year and climbing windmill rd about broke me, can’t imagine having to go up the trail… may have cried.
I really want to do this series now too. Looks awesome!


I did the 40 a few years back. That’s why I’m doing the 30 this time around!

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I rode the course today. Butterknife was different than I remembered - sandier, more torn up by motos, harder.

Good to ride Gunny Loop - helpful to know when those few drops are coming up.