The Best MTB Single Track Races In Every State

I would love to hear what your favorite XC style single track mountain bike races are in each state. In marathon running, there is the club called The 50 Staters where people run a marathon in every state of the US. I thought it would be cool to make a 20-30 year goal of doing the same in mountain biking. To see the best of the single track world in each state.

Hit me with your favorite single track races (minimal or no fire road) that either are hosted in your state, or that you have done. Long distance and/or stage races are welcome as well. I am happy to share the complied excel sheet with anyone who would like it in a few weeks after I have a good list going.


Cool thread idea!

Indiana - Dino Series Brown County race. Happens to be this Sunday

Ohio - Mohican 100 (athough not all singletrack), also this weekend


Probably others will have their opinion

North Carolina - Offroad Assault on Mount Mitchell (ORAMM).

Also Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage race has been running for over a decade.


Second the Mohican 100 for Ohio - 100k and 100 mile options. 100 mile is part of the NUE.

Utah - Park City Point to Point

Colorado - Breck Epic

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Agreed with ORAMM although it does have a good bit of fire road. Pisgah 111k might have more singletrack but I’ve never done it. Lots of lesser known, super fun races around the state.

Pennsylvania - Trans-sylvania mountain bike epic. I just got back- there’s fire road but it’s always a welcome relief because the singletrack is so demanding. Tussey Ridge is one of the most unique and coolest things I’ve ever ridden.


California - Downieville XC, although there is a fireroad climb.

Nevada - Carson Off Road

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Wilmington / Whiteface (2021 cancelled)

PCP2P mentioned above is awesome. Haven’t done the race but have ridden all the trails utilized.

ORAMM is probably at least 50% gravel grinding at the very least in terms of time spent on surface. The Stage Race would be a better qualifier, the Pisgah 111K has a lot of gravel too, but better trail/road ratio for sure. I honestly can’t think of anything else - it’s all a lot of gravel road transitions to single track around here. Swank and Couch Potato are cool courses as well but also have a ton of gravel or really double track in this case.

Nice one. If the Michaux race series makes a comeback post-pandemic, those are always a blast. The last Terror of Teaberry course was tougher at 30 miles long than the Shenandoah 100, imo.

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I think you need a few categories for this based on length. Here’s mine for Colorado:

XCO length: My local Wednesday night XC race series :slightly_smiling_face:
XC marathon: Grand Junction Off-road
Stage race: Breck Epic

I was hoping someone would mention a different NY race that I don’t know about yet. I love the WWF100k course but there’s barely any single track. Not a course I’d travel across the country for, that’s for sure.


South Carolina - Stump Jump

North and South - Cane Creek Cup series


So glad they brought back the Cane Creek Cup. Wish we still got to do the races at Beech and Sugar. It will be interesting to see how the race at Moore’s Springs goes next month, could be really great.

Virginia: Middle Mountain Mama or the Bootlegger’s Blitz (which may not be happening anymore but was really fun).


I didn’t know that Kyle Inman was still running races at Douthat. That course is so great if you want a break from mid-Atlantic rock gardens.

Arkansas - Ouachita Challenge

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Where are you again?

We have a great wednesday night series too where I live in CO.

Stage Race: Breck Epic
XC/marathon - I want to say Firecracker 50, but the first six miles of the race is on pavement and fireroad/mountain road. Gunni Growler is so fun. GJ off road also great, but the Steamboat Stinger is a blast.


Iceman is the biggest so go there first. Ore2Shore is more epic

Marji Gesik is stupid epic.


I was going to mention the Michaux series as well.

Rattling Creek Marathon is another great singletrack race.

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Steamboat. I know the Stinger course well! I like the more technical nature of the Grand Junction trails. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the smoother trails on Emerald Mountain, I just like a change.

Absolutely not! Iceman is basically a gravel race with horrible conditions. This is one of the worst “XC” courses considering all the races in MI. The OP wants singletrack and Iceman is far from that. Iceman is a party and the last race of the season, other than that I’d avoid completely.

MG :100: is not fun. It’s a personal challenge with lots of hike-a-bike. Logistically it’s difficult as it’s a point to point with no aid stations so you need a support crew. Not to mention it’s an all day event, 14+ hours if you’re pretty fit and has a 50+% fail rate. I would not advise this race for anyone unless you’re just looking to push your limits.

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