Female/Non-Binary Cyclists: Mt. Washington Hillclimb Registration

49th Annual Mt. Washington Hillclimb registration is open! Note to all female and non-binary cyclists: 100 spots have been reserved for women and 25 for non-binary athletes. A few of us asked the organizers for this change so we could try and get the maximum female/non-binary participation at this race so please sign up and encourage your fem/nb friends and club-mates to sign up too! This race has traditionally had less than 10% female participants.

The race is August 20th in NH and the course is very steep (almost 8 miles at 12% average gradient), it requires special gearing for the vast majority of riders. If you have questions about gearing or the event in general you can contact the race organizers through their website or social media or ask/search in this forum. This year will be my first Mt. Washington race but I’ve done most of the other hillclimb races in the northeast and can share my experiences.

Any female/nb spots not filled by May 1 will be filled by folks on the waitlist, hope to see you there!


Thank you; I shared this with a friend whose wife has everested and who lives in the area.