Feature TrainerRoad request - Plan compliance/adherence dashboard

Hi TrainerRoad,

I have a feature request, see below detail.

Problem: I have started a plan, but often i skip/modify due to riding with friends, time constraints etc. Its hard to know my compliance/adherence to the plan, and to extend that, its hard to know whether my gains in FTP are due to me not following the plan or just that im not responding to the training.

Solution: What i would like to know is my adherence to the plan. So perhaps an overall score plus a score for the % complete for endurance/tempo and sweetspot/threshold and v02/sprint portion of the plan.

What i am interested in is, for example, if i do the Mid Volume SS Base and i shift all the workouts to 45min variations, what percent of the plan have i completed? If i then miss a Threshold session, how much extra TSS do i need to do to make up for it. I could imagine this information could be conveyed to the user via a Plan dashboard of sorts. Finally, if i do a FTP test at the end of the plan and i only get n % better, i would like to know had a i followed the plan i could have gotten n+x % better had i had higher adherence.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Plan adherence is something that we’ve talked about internally and we want to address plan in the future :+1:.

We have no ETA at the moment since we have other higher priority projects slated for development first, however, as projects are completed and resources free up, we will be able to allocate more development time into features like this one.

I’ve gone ahead and tagged this thread with the #feature-request tag as well, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback :slight_smile: .