Feature Suggestion: Add Ability to Fill Out Post-Workout "Struggle" Survey for Skipped / Missed Workout

It would be great if you could fill out the Post-Workout “Struggle” Survey for a skipped / missed workout. Scenario:

  • I’m skipping a workout because I’m sick - I should be able to say “Illness” as the reason why I didn’t do any of this workout
  • I’m skipping a workout because life / work happens and I don’t have time - I should be able to say “Time” as the reason I didn’t do this workout

I have no idea how it affects AT, but there is an option to add annotations in the calendar for Time Off, Illness, etc.

My experience with AT is that, regardless of the reason for missing a workout entirely, it will just suggest replacing the following week’s workout with the one you missed.


Yup, just to cover that base, the Annotations seem likely to be the answer as of now.

Not saying there isn’t a better option to suggest, but this existing solution signals to AT as to what is happening. It generally deletes a workout on days with Illness, Injury or Time Off. The Note makes no changes.

Once TR & the annotation delete the workout, it may trigger adaptations for pending workouts on the calendar.

I even use the injury and illness ones even if I tell AT to NOT adapt my plan. There are cases where I just want a record of my state even if I do complete planned workouts. So you can use these annotations and either alter your calendar or keep it the same. Pretty flexible solution in the present state.

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I understand that I can use Annotations, but TR built functionality - the Struggle Survey - to indicate when something (e.g., illness, time, injury, etc.) came up that kept you from completing a workout. I’m just looking for this same functionality to be expanded to cover the case where I couldn’t even start my workout. I think using the existing functionality is a more elegant solution IMHO :thinking: :grinning:

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Good idea. I’d also add “Got bored” as a choice - sorely tempted sometimes during the longer ones.

@MichaelDawes I find that as long as the workout doesn’t get too intense, it helps immensely to have some form of distraction. I really like to watch a mindless movie, or binge-watch my latest didn’t-see in prime-time series, during a longer workout. That can be an issue if the workout is one with coaching notes on it though.

I think You could just start the workout in the app and immediately quit and give the reason when prompted. Not sure if there is a minimum time before they consider it a try/fail.