Adaptive Training and Sickness / Injury Annotations

Hi, I had a look through other posts and could not see anything on the best way to update my Calendar to reflect why i skipped a workout and what specifically i need to do to ensure the best results from AT.

I am familiar with actions relating to the survey for RPE score post workout and if I failed a work out, but in the context of sickness where i had to skip workouts due to a recovery period from covid and then a further a minor op my approach has been to add annotations under the ‘injury’ and ‘illness’ categories (not notes) to cover the period of sickness, recovery. I am also aware of shifting a plan by a week etc, but not sure if this better than annotations

Are they considered in AT (assumed so) as my plan still had an hour VO2 despite a time off the bike

  1. Do i need to delete those planned workouts I skipped ?
  2. I replaced the proposed VO2 with a TrainNow Tempo ride and pushed to and rode outdoors

Is this approach suitable for best AT results, am i missing anything ?

NO dont do that haha. That will remove that workout from the AT logic of consideration of what’s missed! Just skip it so that adjustments can be made accoordingly.

Annotations are a great tool, but with being sick, its often hard to know how long you’ll really be out for. Just skip the workouts, and the adaptations you receive that follow your missed workouts will change in severity the more workouts you miss to accommodate that time off appropriately, and re-start you in a spot that makes far more sense than just pushing your same workouts out. That ‘move week’ function can be brutal when you’re coming back from illness, its nice that AT eases you back into it after longer periods away from training when you skip workouts instead.

TrainNow uses the Adaptive Training system to suggest workouts based on your recent training history, so that you can quickly select a workout that matches the duration and workout type you’d like to do, but TrainNow does not mutually influence AT in the scope of your plan and adaptations. ‘Levels V2’ that the team is working on now will account for everything when considering adaptations: TrainNow, unstructured rides, workout changes, etc.

Take care of yourself, hope this helps!

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thank you @IvyAudrain and appreciate you taking the time to respond directly… look forward to the next V02 levels updates…

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Just bringing an old post back from the dead. Just been sick the last week or so and I’ve added the annotation into my calendar…

I’m just wondering does A.T take into account the difference between a week off with illness vs a week off resting at a resort?

I know last time I added a sickness annotation it changed my next workout to a Threshold Breakthrough workout, which seems super odd to change it to a harder workout than what was previously scheduled after being sick.

I’ve been sicker longer this time and nothing significant changed in my calendar.

Hey @lildavo87, I’m sorry that you’ve been sick for the last week or so :(. I hope you are feeling better and back on your feet now!

AT doesn’t differentiate between illness or a “week off at a resort” initially. We look at the duration of time you’ve been off the bike and consider the impact this has had on your individual fitness. In doing so, we look at your training history leading into time off, your goals, and the Training Plan you are on. We then adjust your levels accordingly so that we are progressing your training at an appropriate pace towards your goals.

When you are back on the bike, Adaptive Training continues to tune into your individual needs based on the analysis of the Workouts you complete upon return and the qualitative feedback you give us in the Survey responses.

Taking a look at your account, it looks like the time off had an impact on your VO2 Max workouts. Your upcoming VO2 Max Workouts decreased in difficulty to keep those workouts within the desired difficulty for this stage in your Training Plan. Some other Progression Levels did decrease but not significantly enough to make those upcoming workouts outside the difficulty range intended for this phase of your Training Plan.

So, in summary, your fitness did decrease slightly after your time off the bike, which had an impact on some training zones more than others. We still expect you to be able to complete those upcoming Threshold and Endurance Workouts and continue with the progress you were making.

Of course, if you feel like you are not fully recovered, this may have an impact on your ability to complete those Workouts. If unsure, you can always use Workout Alternates to find something slightly easier. With regard to the Breakthrough Workout you saw, can you please let us know if that happens again, and we will be sure to look into it for you!

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