Feature Request: Zone Limits

Hi there,

I would like toi submit a request on be able to ride between given Zone limits instead of target power and be able to view it like on Zwift Comp app.

For clarity, you are talking specifically about the workout player within the TR app?

I only ask because the ‘limits’ function is what we see for outside workouts on Garmin and Wahoo workouts.

As Chad hinted at, you can get close by setting the TR workout as “outdoor” and loading it on your Garmin/Wahoo/whatever.

Load Zwift on your TV/PC/whatever as normal.

Hop on the trainer, start riding, start the workout on your bike computer, and follow the prompts. They’ll be in ranges. A typical warm-up block might be 1W-180W, where in TR indoor mode, it would be a ramp, in outdoor mode it’s just a range. Same for the intervals - VO2 might be some seconds @ 290W-330W or whatever.

There’s currently no integration between Zwift and TR (unless I missed something since last winter).

  • Correct, there is no Z+TR integration.

  • But I don’t think that is what the OP meant. They were referring to the display of a Zwift workout as seen on the Zwift Companion app, that shows a range and a power line related to it. This makes a “zone” on par with what TR does on the outside workouts for head units. They mention that Z option for an example of what they might like to see.

Ah, that makes sense. Although the Zwift implementation doesn’t really give a full zone - there’s a single specific target output, and visually a small range that will keep you “green” (vs “MORE POWER”). Vs the range provided by TR outdoors, which can be anywhere from 10W to 200W+.

hi there.

All above suggestions are nice and i am well aware outside rides and garmin/wahoo setups.

I would like to do my training on TR screens with the zone limits that I have entered in TP.

But seems there are some limitations on TR./