Feature Request: TSS/Hours toggle at top of calendar

Not sure if other people would find this useful. But I was thinking it would be cool to have a quick toggle at the top of the calendar that would shows weekly hours and 6 week average, basically the same thing as TSS but hours. I’m looking over my base seasons over the last few years and my training time overall and can’t find an easy way to see how many hours I’ve been putting in.

Thanks for the suggestion! Better tools to view history/career would be beneficial to plenty of athletes, and while it may not look like this feature in specific, we definitely have better history visibility on the roadmap!

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Along the same lines, have a total KJs as well. I know my TSS is staying flatish, but because my FTP as been increasing, I’m doing more work, but how much more?

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  • The closest existing Feature Request I found. You can add your comments or ‘+1’ vote there.