Feature Request - Tour de TrainerRoad!

Ok, I know that I’m not being original when you look at SF or Zwift, but it would be awesome if there is some event in TR where if you complete several challenging workouts like Disaster over some sort of a schedule (four Disaster-like workouts over four weekends?), you get some badge or sticker to your profile, or maybe even some IRL swag.

No worrys about events messing up your schedule as we can adjust our workout schedule with the new calendar feature!


I do agree that one of the things that keeps me on Zwift even when I didn’t plan on it is the frequent, week- or month-long events, with swag (some virtual, some real).

I love the idea of a ‘Tour de TrainerRoad’ type of event. Not quite sure if that starts to move away from TrainerRoad’s laser-like focus (‘make you faster’)? But I like the concept.

It’s well short of a tour, (and you may have seen it) but we are planning a day for groups of people to tackle Disaster.

I may pull together stickers or something to act as a small reward for anyone who completes it on the day.


I would love something like this too …

could just also be a training camp …

would be so useful for the athletes out there who are looking to tackle mutli-day events …

i believe they had something called 8DC ?

a 5-7 day ‘tour’ or training camp would be right up there with my top feature request …

i think it would also really help foster a cool community environment too with everyone doing it together —

not in a way to compete with zwift - just pure training stimulus…

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Good lord, Disaster looks horrendous


I think some of these things could be really helpful - in building a bit of community also.

I’ve gone with trainer road over zwift recently because of the focus on planned workouts however the other elements of zwift are good too. Having tried both It actually came down to this for me:

I was working harder on zwift BECAUSE it was more like being out cycling with folk BUT that was the problem. When I cycle with my group outdoors we are pretty undisciplined and tend to go out too hard etc. The ‘do what your told’ nature of trainer road apeals to me as I’m hoping it gives me the structure I need to actually make specific gains over time.

Did an FTP test at start of this week (starting sweetspot base 2 - low volume). 234. Honestly no idea what that’s even like but would love to see 30-40 gain over winter and plan to try and drop 4/5kg from Jan onwards. I went from 101kg to 93kg over summer this year. Have ‘settled back’ at 94kg at moment. I might start a three looking for some advice on first winter training season and what expected gains might be (following TR plans).

Bringing it back to topic again - I think events like the worldwide ‘Disaster’ day are a great idea. Like someone on that thread said - they are treating like a C event. It has def gave me something to train for. Even though in base phase right now it’s nice to have ‘an event’. I’m going to enter some road events for next year soon - to help aid my efforts at being consistent with the training this winter (have never trained over winter before).

Interested to hear the TR guys thoughts on this - from what I can tell, it’s not the absence of some of zwift features that make TR unique, but rather the focus on ‘making you faster’. Does this preclude having some further ‘social’ features.


Join us…

@chad talked in a previous podcast episode about a Trainingscamp Plan. I think it was in reply to @Nate_Pearson cruises holiday. (Still waiting :wink: )

But some things like this would be very nice:

there are some Training Camps Weeks or Weekends. Maybe some are schedueled so you can subscribe to it in a loose way. Just for commitment. In the Forum there could be a thread in where the participans can talk about there pain.

Or the other way round: we start a thread like “weight loss week” or “sprinting devil” from next Monday on. There is a special plan from Chad designed (always available, everybody can do it as he or she wants on his/her own. Forum just for more compliment) for this special goal where you have to subscribe. Just for yourself. No interactions. For example a weight loss kick start weekend. Beginning on friday in the morning, with the recommendation to just eat a small breakfast and try to stay as depleated as possible to hit a workout in the evening. Sleep low, fastend workout in the morning. A loose recommendation of what not to eat till the next workout in the event. And so on. Everybody can take part as he or she wants an we can encourage each other in the thread.

This would be a great community experience! Sticking

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The 8dc workouts are still there at the bottom of the list. There’s a z in front of the name of each workout now.

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Yep, 8DC’s are all still there, rife with workout text that I hope is still mildly entertaining and motivating.

As far as camps, that’s been tabled in favor of some other ideas we want to bring to fruition first (instead?).


Ok. Excited for what is coming up. Don’t know what that will be. But I think what would be really a nice workout package are some specific goal adressed short (weekend) plans. To get a two to three days off from family and work is for most achievable. It would be a short training holiday.
Buuut we will see what’s coming. Than we can talk again. :wink:

I did 8DC a few years ago. It was vicious.

I really enjoyed the old Tour of Sufferlandria events hosted by TR and the subsequent badges that came along with finishing those (they don’t seem to exist on the new career pages though?). Getting a big 7-10 day boost of TSS in the middle of winter was great too of course. Now I do similar tours on Zwift for virtual jerseys. It would be cool to see something more communal/social come about like that with TR again, especially with the new forum in place.

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Worldwide “Disaster” Workout Day - Dec 15, 2018 :smiley:
Only difference is its just a single day…but hell it’s practically a 3 day camp in a single day!

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