Adaptive Training - ability to accept some but not all

I have been using the training plans for the past couple months and have had several adaptation suggestions. I don’t always agree with them especially when I feel the workout was manageable and then it suggest a lessor workout based on progression numbers. I realized that I was probably choosing “hard” sometime when I should have chosen “Moderate” at the end of the workout which may have accounted for some of this.

When I choose to skip the suggestion I have noticed it comes back after the next workout. Which is fine because I can just skip it again if I don’t agree with it. But here is my problem and my feature request. Sometimes I want to accept a couple of the suggestions but not necessarily all of them. But there is no option for this so you take it all or none. Is it possible to give us the ability to except the suggested changes for one area but not all the areas?

Basically if I get a progression bump suggestion for the Tuesday workouts and a progression decrease for Sunday workouts. I want to accept the bump on Tuesday and skip the decrease on Sundays. Currently this is not possible. At least not a way that I see.

The biggest reason why I am asking for this is because my sweet spot rides constantly suggest a decrease even when I select moderate at the end of the workouts. I am not sure why it constantly wants to lower my next workouts. All the other workout types; VO2 Max, Threshold, Endurance, etc, seem to give me a bump up when I would expect it to.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

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There is an existing feature request asking for this. I will search and merge it once I get to my PC this AM.