Feature Request (Refresh Button in Mobile App)

Hey guys, first I’d like to thank you guys for the great work you’ve done so far. Without further ado, my feature requests!

A refresh button on the mobile app. When I enter workouts or training plans on the PC, they don’t show up on my phone app unless I fully sign out of the app, and back in.

Trackable metrics on the Calendar. People that have used TrainingPeaks know about this feature. It lets me enter and track in my weight, calories (linked from MyFitnessPal), body fat, sleep, feeling, soreness, fatigue, etc. This feature is invaluable to me in TrainingPeaks and it’s enough that I’ll keep paying for TP, even though I’d rather just pay you guys.

When entering “other” workouts, perhaps a category for Strength Training/Weight Lifting. I think it’s an important enough subcategory to warrant it’s own type.

Thank you guys for the work you’ve done and continue to do! You’re doing a great job!