Feature request. estimated TSS for outside rides without power

So maybe this is an oddball request, but I’d like to be able to assign different intensities to different “laps” from an outside ride. My outside rides are frequently longer and of quite varying effort levels. I might do a 5 hour ride with two hour+ long climbs where I’m giving absolutely everything I’ve got, but the remainder of the ride I’m giving a very measured effort in the hope of saving something for the climbs.

It would be cool if I could use the lap button on my GPS to separate these parts of the ride and assign different intensities to get a more accurate TSS for the ride as a whole.

Not sure if it’s something you’re willing to do, but you theoretically could still do the laps on your head unit and then manually calculate TSS using one of the various formulae available. Alternatively, you could end and restart your rides over and over and keep them private in Strava. They’ll load into Trainer Road individually and then you can use one of hte various programs around to merge the files and load one ride into Strava for public consumption. That’s a ton of shenanigans, but it may work for you!

I see what you mean and it’s nice to have but too much development for too little benefit (and doesn’t make you faster :wink: … as pointed out by the TR crew). So I would favor other improvements.

Besides you have good workarounds:

  1. Record two separate rides
  2. From your example (5 hours with 2 hours hard): Set RPE to 9 for the ride, see what that gives as TSS and take 40% of that. Then set RPE to 3 for ride, see what that gives as TSS and take 60% of that. Add both values and set that as TSS.
    (You can compare that value to RPE 6 for the whole ride for example to get a feel for quicker alternatives)
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