Feature request: Percent of FTP instead of Watts (% of FTP)

Whilst nice to have, what advantage would it give you when training?

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@Mjarizti, I moved your post under a similar request, because we like grouping them for easy reference and discussion.

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Al least for me is good to learn how does it feel pedaling at a specific % of FTP for a certain amount of time. Then when I change the FTP I can see how I’m adpating to the new load.

Hello there,

Would it be possible to add FTP percentage where we have intensity adjustment option?


Just merged your request to the existing thread. Cheers!

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Solved it with the Garmin


Would be so much better if you didn’t have to do it this way! That is literally the top data option on my Garmin too - always at the top outside.

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Maybe there’s a psychological benefit? If you’re not used to doing intervals at 300W say, seeing it at 107% instead, which is something you may have managed before will mess with your head less…

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+1 to customizable data fields


I would like to be able to toggle on/off my FTP. During workouts, the “target” and “actual” could be changed to a percentage of my FTP. This would help me focus on the process. I find myself being intimidated/embarrassed by my power targets during workouts, and I think this would help. Also ramp test results could just be “your FTP went up/down”.


Probably better to address the underlying problem then hide it, thinking that will be a solution.

Don’t put value in the number, it’s just there to provide the correct training stimulus. Be proud that you’re showing up to improve when others aren’t.

The whole sport is numbers driven anyway. FTP, PLs, interval time, percentage of FTP for each interval, 1st place, 2nd place, 47th place, the ride is 63 miles, it’s 48 degrees out, the winds out of the west at 13mph, my bike costs 6000 dollars, weighs 16.9lbs and has 172.5mm cranks and I wear size 47 shoes and I use a 24oz water bottle with 120g of carbs. Do you want progression levels hidden too so they don’t make you feel insecure? That’s not an issue with TR, it’s how science and biking is done. You can always ditch the power meter and head unit and activity tracking apps and just ride your bike and get plenty fast. Structured interval training isn’t for everyone.

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I have been using an app for strength training recently. It tells me how much to load on the bar, how many reps and how much rest between sets. After I started using it I just trust it and (actively) forget how much I lifted last session. I just “trust the system”. And it works. And most importantly it keeps me from “ego lifting”.

Many of the latest features from TR does kind of the same. Plan Builder, TrainNow and AT just wants you to show up and they tell you what to do. Workout levels are great because they tell you that you gained 0,3 points in “threshold” today. They basically tell you that the system works.

I get that it is a number driven sport, but the training would not be any less structured if my FTP (or crank arm length for that matter) is hidden from me. And my FTP 5 months from a race is what it is, and I cannot do anything but show up and do the work.

I should add that I lost 50 watts in the last 3 months so my old sweet spot is now something I can hold for 1 min in vo2max intervals. Please don’t rub it in my face is all I’m asking :pleading_face:

Near as I can tell, this existing feature request would seem to address the majority your request.

Can you confirm that for me? If so, I will merge your comment with those existing ones. We like grouping common requests for related discussion.


Thanks @mcneese.chad. I searched for a similar thread but could not find it. Please merge


Trainerroad is doing exactly the same thing though!!! That apps not giving you a percentage to put on the bar, it’s telling to to put raw numbers on the bar and telling you when to increase and by how much. There’s plenty of people in the world that can squat/deadlift/curl more than those weights and you may have lifted more in the past, and that’s okay. That’s no reason to be insecure and not show up.

Yeah but my dream situation would be to have the bar automatically loaded with the prescribed weight for each set.

This is an old thread, but I was recently searching for a way to have TR display I.F. during workouts and came upon this request. The reason I want to display I.F. is because I have a cycling studio and if everyone is doing the same workout, the only way to write the workout and have it be equitable is to write in in I.F.
There are lots of reasons to use other metrics, and some head units are able to display the various metrics by toggling through them and choosing how to set up your screen.

Couldn’t agree more - more flexibility in Power and HR fields would help a lot.

One suggestion - then field output should change when you tap on it (in a loop: watts → FTP % → zone → watts etc) rather than changing it in the app preferences.


PS: “Change on tap” behaviour is nothing new in TR app: you can hide HR output by tapping on the field; very useful during Ramp Test.


Can I add another reason here - I’ve struggled mentally as I’ve gotten fitter with the absolute numbers. There’s something about doing a particular number of watts that’s really intimidating, even if it’s a workout I’ve done before, just with a different FTP (and therefore wattage).

Having the option of putting everything in %FTP would remove that intimidation factor of doing a wattage number I’ve never done before. Instead, I’d being seeing the same workout as I’ve done previous. It may seem small, but I can make a big difference.


I dont know why but I can interpret %max HR fine and pace of it when I need to but when I tried %FTP I just couldn’t. Perhaps its the variability of FTP and/or %FTP is instant rather than smoothed AFAIK but I just prefer absolute watts.