Feature request: Percent of FTP instead of Watts (% of FTP)

I feel the same way, although knowing the absolute is more important as it translates to what I can do outside.

It could be nice (as a “nice to have”, not essential) to either have an option to toggle the abs W to %FTP, or have both, something like:



I second this, as you grow the absolute numbers start to look intimidating

I have asked for this many times, All bike computers (Garmin etc) and other traning software, shows the % of FTP. Therefore, it would be easier to have the same on TR, to see the % of FTP rather then the actual Watt. Or atleast has a way to toggle or change the preference. Like when you tap on HR, it hides, why not the same behavior for Watt, to toggle between Watt and % FTP.

Also, to show the recommended Cadance. The text that tells you this info is only displayed shortly and if you miss it, you do not know the recommended cadence. Would be good to display this as well. So you do not need to watch the TR display constantly to not miss that info.

Thanks for listening.

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Yes, I think this should have been implemented years ago. Or earlier!

A bit of tinfoil hat on this one… having an easy to remember % rather than more difficult to remember raw number (that changes with ftp) makes it easier to workout (or race) by feel without Trainer Road.

Put another way, If TR showed me these percentages I could pretty quickly associate them with RPE and use that to gauge efforts out on the road by feel or a glance at the garmin. This would make me a Faster Athlete which would be inline with their stated mission statement. But it might also make it slightly easier for me to not use Trainer Road.

Just a thought.



I really liked the mockup screenshot here.

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