RFE: Relative metrics option for FTP power related info in application

tl;dr. In the app there are fields for power and target, I’d like the option to configure that field to reflect other power related data. Specifically I envision a % of ftp as opposed to raw power numbers. But I think the option for RPE could also be an interesting choice.

So last year around this time my ftp was 100+ greater than it is now. I don’t particularly mind, I mean there are a lot of factors that have gone into why this is. However, I admit it is somewhat demoralizing to see my power numbers constantly reflect back to me as I train showing me that my current ftp is around my endurance pace from last year. Again I’m not looking for reassurance, I am plenty assured. :smiley:

But it got me thinking that it would be interesting, (not only easier on my ego), to see % of FTP related information in the app instead of the raw power number. Given that I don’t have a good understanding of what vo2max is %wise, or threshold, etc. With a raw % of ftp I’d have an easier time understanding the translation to effort.

I assume the workout data is all based on percentages anyway, so why not just give the option to reflect that in the app? Are we so numbers focused that we can’t celebrate our success at any ftp? :smiley:

The RPE version could be interesting because it could afford you the option to adjust the effort to match the suggested RPE, and this could be feedback to the adaptive training system you are working on.

I did a quick glance through the topics, maybe this is there already. if so I apologize.



Showing percentage of FTP during indoor workouts has been requested before, but it sounds like TR is waiting for more feedback:

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