Feature Request - Option to see all instructional text after a workout

No update on this feature request for the roadmap, but the quick-fix is to use Workout Creator to go to the time segment you missed to check out the text! :v:

Many thanks Ivy for the reply. Shame not on the roadmap.

Perhaps not such a quick fix if you are using the IOS App and you are doing your workout in the garage - get off bike, walk back to house, fire up PC, load up workout creator, find the relevant instruction… :rofl:

Love TrainerRoad overall though, and the new App is much, much better.

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I would actually prefer to read the instructions in the app before starting the workout.

Generally I switch off all notifications, find it way too distracting and actually cant really follow them at superhigh pulse while balancing on rollers.


I am just hoping to add to the “momentum” of this thread. I am doing most of my workouts as Group this winter. If we can’t have instructions in group workouts, at least make it easy to read instructions before or during the workout. I am about to do Clark. I can see that each interval starts with stomps with increasing cadence on description but have no idea what those cadences are.

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I also did a workout and missed the instructions and did not know when ILT was to begin. I figured it out 2 minutes in and end up restarting the whole training session to get it right. Would have been helpful to just manually scroll back through the text to know what was going on.

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