Continuous Press, Quick Intensity Adjustment [Feature Request]

Hi everyone, I’m currently using the TR app on my Samsung tablet which rests on an Elite stand. During some recent workouts, I wanted to increase/decrease the intensity using the +/- buttons on the tablet, but kinda found it sometimes a little hard to actually tip these tiny buttons :slight_smile:

This might be just me shaking from the workout intensity, but I’d find a) slightly larger +/- buttons helpful and would also very much appreciate another button giving you immediate 5% intensity increase/decrease (saving 4 tips can be huge in some of these moments).

Looking forward to your feedback! Keep up the great work & greetings from Tanzania :palm_tree:


Thanks for this! Added it to the relevant thread. Cheers!

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I did a quick mockup in React Native to show how I think a very user friendly way of changing the resistance when in resistance mode could be done. Basically all you do is press the Target square and up pops a slider. Once you click anywhere outside the slider the slider disappears.

One have to keep in mind that when using a phone and being tired and sweaty the controls have to be big, your fine motoric skills can be quite dampened.




ahem :sunglasses:


No… could it be… :smiley: :crown:


The iOS update is LIVE AS OF RIGHT NOW! So this +/- intensity hold-down feature is now live for all mobile and desktop versions. YEE!


Although I think this is an improvement I think it can be even better…

If I am doing 120% vo2 max, i need to do mental math to figure out what % i need to lower if i want 115% on one of the repetitions… Yes I know its not rocket science, but if im tired and the rest is short (like 1 on 1 off repeats), i dont want to do that. It would be cool to show what the power would be after the change…

Example i have an ftp of 250w and want to reduce to 95% the workout of 120% FTP/50% rests intervals I would like to see the new max/min power will be be 285/119…

something like that, if it make sense

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Sure. I dont think this feature is meant to be used in that way though, to apply a broad change to an entire workout isn’t really the purpose here, and progressions and AT will really help address things like that in the future proactively!

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A quick additional request - an instant ‘return to zero’!

I’m one of those people who often bumped up the recovery sections between intervals, or extend the cool down…usually because I’m participating in a Zwift event at the same time as using TR, and really helpful to increase the intensity to stay with a group, but need to return to 100% before the next interval kicks in.

The latest app seems really laggy when adjusting intensity - weirdly, getting worse as the duration of the ride increases and with the scale of the intensity increase. To be clear, I’m not fussed about a handful of % increases, I’m talking about taking it from 100 to 300% and then back down again… and incredibly frustrating to overshoot things and end up below 100% for the next set of reps :woozy_face:

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I’ve always thought that instead of continuous press, adding a +10% and -10% to go along with the +1% and -1% buttons would have been the best way to accommodate larger adjustments. The new continuous press implementation is not only laggy, but now the simple +1% and -1% press is more difficult than it used to be (especially when you’re pegged).

Long press issue:

Hold down +/- and it lags or gets stuck.

The end of my workout I wanted to whack the % up for a quick sprint or whatever so press and held +, it shot up and I let go and it kept going…and going. So then I did the same on the -, it went down, and down…and down, so then I did the + again, and it went up and up, then I did the “panic finger tapping” to get it back down to “normal” again. Was fun, but not the desired outcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Getting ‘stuck’ may be a device specific issue, I haven’t heart of any other reports of this received! Check in with so they can run through any applicable troubleshooting and try to help out!

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Why not just switch to resistance mode and do a sprint or whatever? Erg isn’t really intended for the use case you tried so non idea outcome isn’t really surprising

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I see what you’re saying but that’s not the point. The point is, if I press and hold the intensity adjustment, as per the implemented feature request, it doesn’t stop when I release but lags and keeps adjusting for longer than required. You’re suggestion may be a work around but I would think that both lead to exactly the same outcome if it worked on my device as intended. Example: if I press and hold while it goes from 100 to 200%, I’d then expect it to stop increasing as soon as I release it, rather than continuing to increase for ‘x’ amount of time up to 300.

Would it be possible on the app (I use android) where you click at bottom of screen to adjust intensity to make it possible to enter a numerical value instead of only being able to hit + or - button? I ask because I often add sweet spot at end of a ride, would prefer to stay on erg but I have to his the +/- button like 100 times to get it from very low cooldown watts to sweet spot level. For example I had it at like 225% the last time I did this.


It’s been mentioned at least twice I can find in existing requests:

So this may be a redundant entry for one that is already in the TR FR library. I will leave this to @IvyAudrain to merge or leave separate as appropriate.

Im passing this along to the team for consideration for sure, there are no bad feature requests!
I should reiterate though that if this is a regular occurrence of changing efforts to 200+ percent, its probably better practice to just select a different workout to be honest, either via TrainNow, Alternates, or just selecting one from the Workout Library that looks more like the energy system you’re after by increasing to 200+ percent.

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The reason I do this is 100% during cooldowns is like 40% of ftp and if I’m feeling good will add maybe another 12min sweetspot to end of a workout but I never know if I’ll add until I’m toward the end. So increasing to 200+% is only setting the watts at like 88% of ftp. But I often might add 30mins of endurance to end of a workout - and that usually is around 150-175% too. Not sure if that makes sense.

Hi @IvyAudrain Ivy,

I have often thought that +10% and -10% buttons in addition to the current +/-1% is the best way to accomplish quick changes. It would take about two seconds to double one intensity with ten quick taps, and would avoid the awkward lag of the continuous press. Try running that idea by the team?


For sure! Will do. :sunglasses: