Feature Request: Mega adjust power target percentage

Sometimes when I’m doing a long endurance workout using the TrainerRoad Windows App, I like to take a second to stretch my back by standing on the pedals for a few minutes. The problem during endurance workouts is: often times the smart trainer isn’t providing enough resistance for me to stand and push against comfortably. So I hack away at the up arrow to adjust the wattage target percentage from 100% up to 125% or so.

This process could be made easier by providing a +25 button next to the up arrow (which only adjusts the target 1 percent at a time).

It would be so much nicer to reach for my keyboard and hit that mega adjust once, rather than spamming the up arrow 25 times. I’ve actually crashed the Android app by pecking at the percentage adjustment too quickly in the past, so it would help a ton on that as well.

Thanks for considering this :slight_smile:

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I may merge with with one of the existing ones that parallels your request:

Related to the first link above, the “continuous press” is supposed to work on some platforms. It does not apparently work for me on PC for some reason.

If you are on a regular bike & smart trainer (not a smart bike), you can consider using shifting just like we do when switching from seated to standing when outside. Here is an article I wrote specifically about ERG and shifting to stand (or any other time you want to lower your cadence quickly without waiting for ERG).

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Good deal, thanks Chad! I didn’t see those parallel topics when I was preparing this feature request post. Appreciate you keeping things nice an orderly on here!

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