[Feature Request] Import "other" activities via tsv/csv

So I usually plan out my other activities like strength training some months in advance, estimate some TSS, duration and so on and feel proud for planing ahead… A few weeks in I’ll usually get lazy and stop checking off my completed activities/to add unplanned stuff (e.g. rows on the ERG). So my displayed TSS charts are sometimes way off.

I do keep track of most stuff with different apps on my phone, so I would be super easy for me to create a tsv/csv file containing “Name, Date, Duration, TSS, Description” for each activity. It would be great if there will be a option to import those files and populate stuff in the calendar to get a more accurate view of my training load, because to be honest: I think I’ll stay lazy in the future and won’t find time/motivation to click through the calendar and manually enter those stuff…

I also think the csv/format will be generic enough to enable user from other software to populate stuff in the calendar.

Thanks! There are definitely a few active feature requests for just more device compatibility to import ‘other’ activities, and the update is: we are actively working on improving what our support for non-bike activities would look like, we just can’t share details as to what all that involves yet. :zipper_mouth_face: Hold tight!


Alright, thanks for the update!

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