Feature request: Delay the start of power averaging

I like using my smart trainer (a Kickr) in Erg mode, but there’s a delay of 2-3 seconds at the start of an interval, where the power is usually low, before it settles in at the target power. I assume this happens to most people in Erg mode. Even if I use resistance mode instead, or using my old dumb trainer, it’s difficult to hit the target power in those first few seconds of the interval. This affects the average power for the interval, and the little ball thingy. Although that’s not a problem for longer intervals, it has a noticeable and annoying effect on the averages for microbursts and other short intervals.

I know I should ignore the little ball. I know I shouldn’t worry about the reported averages for each interval. I also realize the lag in the power drop-off at the end of the interval cancels out the lag at the start. Nevertheless, I can’t help but find it a bit annoying.

Could an option be introduced whereby the power averaging doesn’t begin right at the start of the interval, but begins after a few seconds instead? I don’t think we need to see the little ball in those first few seconds, and I think it would be better if the power from those first few seconds is ignored in the averaging process.

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Hey! This looks similar to an open Feature Request, Im merging to the same thread!

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