Fantastic user experience of the TR app for a blind user

Hi all,
I just wanted to share some thoughts on the user experience of TR from the perspective of someone who is blind and uses screen reading software.
I have had a big chunk of time off the bike and have only recently set it up again with a kickr bike.
The new app is beyond all expectations from an accessibility perspective, and it is a joy to train. … Well, excluding the last minute of a ramp test. :slight_smile:
You can’t over-estimate the value of being able to jump on the bike and complete any workout, plan for any short or long term goal, completely independently of sighted assistance.
The development team are to be congratulated, and I’d be more than ready and willing to help in any future user testing if needs be.


That’s awesome to hear. Kudos to the TR team.

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Sth for @IvyAudrain and @SarahLaverty to pass to the team


Henry we’re so happy to hear this! I’m so glad you’re with us as a TrainerRoad athlete, and that you’re getting the most of the features the team has been working on. You rule.
I’m definitely passing this along to the team, they’ll be stoked to know their work is making such a significant impact.
Ps: No more Ramp Tests needed :wink: ‘Introducing AI FTP Detection’

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