Feature Request: Calendar Version Control

It would be great if there was a way to take a snapshot or freeze your current calendar with the intent of being able to revert back to it after changes have been made. For example, I have my year all dialed in but I want to see what it will look like if I shift my build phase up 5 weeks instead of doing that extra Sweet Spot training. In doing that I need to account for a few events and their respective recovery weeks. This is all doable as the calendar software exists today but I have to delete and add back in all of the training. IF I have a second “a” event that I have scheduled but I am only deleting the events leading up to the first “A” event, all of the other training gets shifted forward in time.

If you built that ability to create snapshots then it would be possible to compare the between calendars the TSS at a certain points in time.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Like setting up an ATP season, its calendar and workouts for that season, so catering for future seasons too. And then that season is marked ‘in-edit’ mode. When you are done, then ‘publish’ it. Multiple in-edit versions could be done then.

I had a similar idea with being able to work on calendars or training plans without affecting the current calendar and only “pushing” it when you’re ready: Feature Request: Draft Calendar(s) or Training Plan Creator