Feature Request: Automatically Switch to Resistance mode for Sprints or easy access Erg/Resistance toggle

Doing sprint workouts the text often suggests switching into resistance mode before a sprint. I need to navigate, wait for the right moment, switch to resistance mode, and then perform the sprint.

Wouldn’t that be cool if:
(1) It would automatically do this for me? This could be an additional setting “Auto-ERG / ERG / Resistance” in the menu…
(2) It was a big fat button to toggle ERG/Resistance modes?

Love the software, thanks guys


It’s been a while since I used mobile, and I know there isn’t one directly on screen, but I think the mode swap is a bit easier now than it used to be.

  • You have to open the device section (somewhere on screen) and then you can either swap there or have to dig one level deeper. Not ideal, so good to have a Feature Request (to which I added the tag above).
  • This has come up before and I am filtering through the search results, to likely merge this with one of those existing requests, so that may happen soon.

oooh. auto-erg! (with ability to specify the intervals that it applies to through a user configurable duration in seconds setting):ok_hand: :grinning:


+1 auto-erg mode with user specified interval duration for activation!

Thanks for the “T” shortcut, I did not know that! Will use it.


That request does exist, although I think in execution and timeline; not sure what that would look like for the development team. I’ll pass along this request again!

Even an erg to residence button from the main screen of the app would be super helpful. Even better if it just locked in the same level your trainer was at :slight_smile:

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Temporary fix has Chad manually flipping ERG/Resistance modes for users from his mission control center, where he enjoys an 80ft screen world view of all TR rides happening …


I love TR but the workout player can be improved. I’d suggest developers having a look at the Xert workout player auto mode.

I’m glad that you are loving TrainerRoad, @Jose_Manuel!
Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this onto the Product Team.