Feature Request: ANT+ hogging detection and action!

Here’s the scenario I was faced with the other day. I usually run Zwift and Trainerroad side by side using two Ant+ dongles.

Started up Zwift then started up Trainerroad. Zwift showed all my Ant+ devices Trainerroad showed non. Checked connections, etc, Quit both programs.

Started up Trainerroad then started up Zwift. Trainerroad showed all my devices. Zwift alerted me that I had Garmin Express running and was probably hogging the spare Ant+ connection and asked if I wanted to terminate Garmin Express. I said yes and then devices appeared, I was good to go!

Had Garmin Express running because I’ve used it recently as I’ve resumed running outdoors and it also likes to run in the background! I’d forgotten it was running.

Just an idea, but any reason Trainerroad can’t have this useful feature? Detect Garmin Express running (or other software that would hog the Ant+ connection) and offer to kill the process? Would have saved me a few minutes of head scratching and restarting applications, might even reduce your support calls!