Make the FTP estimater AI available for different points in time

I would spend days looking back playing around. Would also be valuable to all us overthinkers.

DAILY FTP DETECTION :flushed: :sweat_smile:


If my FTP isn’t being updated mid-interval every ride, am I even FTP’ing correctly?


I like to make sure mine is updated for each and every interval.

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Im not sure how useful repeated “samplings” would be across a small time horizon except for relatively volatile periods like after illness or long break.

Pair that with %error of power meters and you may not see much difference for a while.

Your not supposed to be the one stirring the pot…that is supposed to be the rest of us.


It would be really interesting if we could go back in time and run FTP detection for any arbitrary historical date

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Historic FTP detection would be more interesting. You could check what effect various training blocks had.

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