Feature Request - accountability coach

I had an idea on my ride this morning. I struggle with accountability and have even hired a coach outside TR primarily for that. I have kept TR because of the group workouts and I like the ecosystem but I wish it did something more to keep me accountable. Would anyone find value of a bot that would auto post to strava “I’m lazy I missed a planned workout”. It could also go another level and donate some pre determined amount of $ if you miss a workout.

This would help me be motivated, would anyone else see this as valuable? I know they get a lot of ideas but this would help me a lot.

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Accountability can definitely be a significant part of coaching. I’m not sure what the steps would look like to implement an ‘accountability bot’, but we hear ya! :raised_hands:

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FWIW this thread:


helped me with accountability before hiring a coach.


I really like the idea here, what does that look like without going too far into the annoying zone? When I was doing my TR plan to a T back in winter/early spring I was posting in the “what workout did you do today” thread.

That little thing made me just a little more accountable every day, and also it’s one of the most positive threads here in the forum.


You beat me to it.