Feature Request: Ability to share events using TR Teams

A bunch of my friends are also on TR, we are all doing a week long cycling trip in Colombia and training for/through it with a gravel race about 8 weeks later.
I have created a stage race ‘event’ for the trip to help the plan builder work through it and want to share it with the others.
Is it possible?
We have a team created, but i dont see anywhere to do this

No, there is no way to share events on the TR Calendar. The only thing that can be shared are workouts via the Team function.

As Chad mentioned, this is not an option at the moment, however, this will be a good idea to keep in mind for when we start looking into ways to improve the TR teams’ function.

I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team!


We also have a team, but sometimes not everyone can make the workout.
so we have to organise the workout dates using another social media platform.
It would be great if we could all see the workouts, that have been scheduled in the team calendar, and then anyone can load the workout from the team calendar.
I can’t honestly see the needs for a team if you can’t do this.