Feature request - 3s power on Garmin default workout page

That looks really good… despite what @Jonathan wrote above, a clear indication of target power would be very useful for me - I can’t memorise all the intervals, and if I miss the interval intro text (because of traffic and so on) then I’m left just trying to match the line to the grey block, and work out the range I should be in while squinting at the screen… less than optimal.

Is there any way you can make the graphic field available for the edge 530 ? I’m downloading your “Target Power” field now, but the gauge style display would be amazing (it’s about the only thing I miss from doing workouts on Zwift - the same kind of range indicator that is in the Companion App)

My work around on the 800/1000/1030 has been to set up a data page as TR suggests but also add the field ‘Target’ to it in addition to 3s power. It defaults on a TR wo to Lap Average power but at least it shows the range to keep the 3s power in. If the 530 has the data field ‘target’ it could be an option :-/

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Looks fantastic. I won’t be outside for another 5 months or so, but I will be using it for sure

Just downloaded and will experiment with it I’ve the weekend

Anyone have a quick way to find all the related data field squirreled await within the various Garmin categories? Always fall like I’m on an acorn hunt to try to find the names and locations of field that look like they might be valuable…

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Hi timb34,

Of course it is possible to make it available for 530 and 830 devices.
Have done a quick check and have to trial-and-error for the lay-out for these devices.
I see there are 2 sizes possible in the screen lay-out: 4 rows of fields or 5 rows of fields.
When using 4 rows, the field will be larger and easier to read. However, if I had this device, I would like to use this device-broad field together with fields half the device. There is no such option in the field lay-outs for 4 rows (hope I am clear enough).
Thus, it would be better to optimize for the 5 row option, but that will result in less readability.

5 row option (not yet optimized):

Shall I proceed with this 5 row option (field will be 246x64 pixels)
Instead of 4 row option (field would have been 246x80 pixels)

Garmin CIQ app “Target Power Range”:
Support for 530 and 830 devices added.
Any requests, demands, etc, please let me know.


That’s great, thank you. I hope to try it out next week and will give feedback here

Bad photo, but looks good in real life! Not sure what the red line on the 0 is, and I won’t be outside to test it in action for a few more days, but it looks good for my poor eyesight and small screen


hi Timb34,

Thank you for your feedback!

Sorry, my fault. I was too lazy to make the lay-out consistent for every size of field.
I have corrected that in the current (beta) version. I have some more request that I will include before updating in the appstore, probably (hopefully) late this weekend.

The red line is the same red ‘underscore’ that Garmin is using in its standard workout field. It should be under the number and will show the color that is scored in the gauge.
You can set in the settings whether you want the number in the same color as the underscore.

Happy training!

Ok, new version uploaded!

I had 4 requests from users:

  1. Strange height of main value shown (see picture above) → adjusted

  2. When using a radar and when the field is in top position, the ranges are in wrong place → added option in settings to select that you have a radar, the ranges will get a new position

  3. Adding an offset to the average number shown. I suppose this will be used for those who have a powermeter for outside training that does not match the inside used trainer.
    For this I added a multiplier and an offset.
    New value shown = (multiplier * old value) + offset
    You can set the multiplier and the offset in settings. The multiplier is set as %. Default is 100 for 100%.
    I have tried to set it more easily, but currently you have to use settings.

  4. Needle is not always visible → added the option to change the needle color to white in settings.

Though I have tried to test as much as possible, there can be a new bug.
Please let me know and I will correct asap!

Happy training!


Wanted to report back on Sir5’s updates to the data field. I’m loving it on my 1030, and the option to move the lower/upper target numbers on either side of the actual, along with using the needle in white, makes it even more readable and useful. Thanks, Sir5!

A bit OT have you still got sound on your 1030? Its intermittent on mine (sound/no sound) and more ‘no’ recently; it make workouts a pain sometimes. Do you feel the target field is good enough to follow without sound?

I agree 100% with this. This is one aspect where I’ve learnt that people are so different! I can’t handle a range, I just want one number to focus on, but others feel passionately that they want a range to focus on. For me, when I’m suffering I only want to think about one number.

Consequently, I love the “Target Power” field!

[quote=“HLaB, post:76, topic:59864”]
Do you feel the target field is good enough to follow without sound?
[/quote]Yes, I have sound, but don’t really think about when I hear it. I know I get countdown to the end of an interval beeps using a TR workout pushed to the 1030, but am not thinking about others. Don’t think I get a sound when I go out of target power range (I do see a note on the bottom of the display) but I’m not sure if there’s a separate setting for when you want sounds without digging into the menu.

I’m ok without sound on the rainbow dial/needle datafield.

And I really like the range so I can see how far off is ok – maybe because almost all of my riding 9-10 months of the year is outside (and I’m in Wisconsin…) Glad we have choices!

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Thanks. Yip you get the countdown sound (unless you disable it) automatically but I think you have to enable the power range alerts and I don’t know if they are related to the target. I don’t know if its a bug or connection issue with mine its often losing the sound board. For me not having the count down beeps, can mean I miss the start or end of an interval when I have my head/eyes up, which is a pain. Hopefully this (I haven’t actually used it yet) is more visible though so it’ll be less of a problem :+1:

Also bumping this request. I feel lap power is completely useless and makes people feel they are meeting workout requirements when they aren’t.

I also rather not have to deal with a custom screen - I like the garmin screen.

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Completely agree.

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The argument that 3s target power is too difficult for some athletes to complete an outside workout is silly. No one is good at this without practice. This is a tool for training, and learning how to hold steady power in varied terrain and at varied cadences should be the point. Step average might allow folks to complete a workout but it probably leads to lower quality workouts.