Favorite Cold Weather Kit, Clothing

Waterproof over trousers take care of it and I’ve used them for commuting, but eventually concluded if it was wet enough to need them for training rides I’d be better off staying indoors!

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Those days look like they’re past for this winter, but we’ve had some warm but wet days the last month or so where I’ve gone gravelling. Cold and wet a firm no from me though when I’ve the turbo and a big tele!

Yes it’s for this reason that I sold my waterproof non-insulated boots and bought the insulated version instead. We get a lot of rain in Scotland so waterproof just doesn’t make any sense when it’s wet - they function like buckets.

However, the insulated GTX boots are fantastic for when it’s cold enough to snow (or just for dry days). I suppose in this instance the waterproof membrane is more of a windproof than anything else but it does also make sure nothing gets in from underneath if you’re walking at any point. And it deals well with low level road spray too.

I have a set of these and they work pretty well if it’s warm enough to be in shorts or 3/4 bibs so they are in direct contact with skin, but as you say the fabric of a pair of tights underneath them wicks water in. Potential market for someone to invent loose-ankle bib tights that go over your overshoes/boots?

Velotoze do a version of these now too which I might try if I thought I’d make much use of them. Seems like that thinner material would be far more comfortable than the rather substantial neoprene of the GripGrab set.

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Yes, I’ve used these heated snowmobile gloves for a couple of winters. My fingers are very sensitive to cold, and these gloves are a game changer, however they are pricey and look ridiculous.

I don’t use heated socks. I use Lake 303 winter boots down to freezing, and add overshoes on top of them when it’s below freezing.


Thanks @Power13 and @HLaB
LBS had a good sale on last years Lake stock. Glad to have some background before diving in.


I’d say a soft shell isn’t a true soft shell if you need to add a hard shell over it, in all but the most extreme circumstances. If you just use it with a hard shell over the top, it’s just another layer rather than a replacement for two or more layers.

The likes of the Gabba, Gore Phantom, Rapha Softshell Winter Jacket etc are definitely true soft shells. After several hours in the typical UK :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: all but the gabba will succumb to letting in the moisture somewhere :joy: and an extra layer is good for keeping you warm. Even with the Gabba I’ll sometimes carry a gilet just for that extra warmth later in the ride. At a guess 80% of the time my regular soft shells are my top layer and 99% of the time the gabba is the top layer. But for the sake of a little space in the pocket for a light foldable hardshell/gilet I’ll still carry one for warmth. Only very occasionally (and less so these days) will I set off when its freezing and torrential where I’d wear a hardshell on top of a softshell from the start and take it of once it has warmed/dried up.

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I just got a set of Sportful kit for the UK winter (0-10 Celsius and soggy), Infinium Bibs and the Fiandre Pro Jacket and have been particularly impressed by the bibs. Coming from Le Col/Rapha, the fit and quality of fabrics feels a step above, and for its job very well on my first ride in 5c and mist that seemed to soak everything!