Favero PM from a bike shop

Can local US bike shops get Favor PM pedals? My bike shop said they couldn’t, which I find odd as there are mail order companies in the US that sell them.

I suspect they could, but they’d be buying them at retail from Favero just like us plebeians. Hence you might as well order them. Favero has run a Black Fri sale the last few years, so you could get them then. I have seen them sell for a bit over US$600 before shipping at BikeInn and LordGun. If you get them … I suspect Fedex shipping may not be the best. LordGun has been reportedly reliable, but I had a bad experience with Fedex losing the package they shipped to me, then they delayed reimbursing me because Fedex failed to respond to their inquiry promptly (not able? not willing? idk).

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I bought mine from here and they were a pleasure to deal with.

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I got mine from BikeInn, they shipped using DHL, I believe it shipped from Spain to Seattle

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Also bought from Power Meter City as mentioned above. 0 issues.

my issue is my PM was part pf the shimano recall, so depending on how they do the credit for PM, it might force me to buy from the shop that sent in my crank. I want to support them, but kinda want the PM i want

They have to be doing it as a check to the consumer, I think. Because you might have bought your Stages or 4iiii from the companies themselves, or an LBS no longer in business, or no longer in the same state or country as you.

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I bought them through my local bike shop who were able to order from favero (they didn’t usually stock them). I’m in Europe though and I don’t know if they paid retail price but I doubt it.

I just bought a set of the Duo-Shi from Lordgun. Purchased Oct 3 delivered Oct 6 to west coast US. So far so good.

Seconding @Weiwentg - quoting Shimano’s Recall FAQ:

What if I have a third-party power meter installed on my crankset?

Cranks and or any Shimano products that are modified by 3rd parties are not covered by warranty, but as an exception they will be subject to this inspection. Any items that are found to fail during inspection and that are sent back to Shimano will be replaced free of charge without the 3rd Party Power Meter attached. Shimano will be providing a rebate in the form of a check to the consumer where the consumer can use that towards the replacement of the 3rd party power meter.]