Favero BePro power accuracy


I have a Favero Bepro single side power meter I every time I was going out, I could see that i was managing to get higher number then indoor with Tacx Neo. Another thing is that I was getting a new estimated FTP on my Garmin.
To test it I did a couple of indoor rides in my Neo and recording also Bepro data with garmin. I have came to a conclusion that on the Bepro the power readings was higher aound 20w that on Neo.
Anyone with similar issues? I am assuming the issue is the PM but how can I really test it?

I bought them in 2016 and never managed to calibrate them correctly. I constantly had crazy numbers in comparison to my Kickr. In 2017 I also bought a Quarq and a Stages and those numbers were relatively consistent with the Kickr. In the meantime I bought second Quarq and all I can say is… The Bepro’s are super bad. Something broke in the right pedal due to bad design but customer support wasn’t cooperative. The power numbers are unreliable, the set-up process is a hassle and the build quality is questionable.

I’m sure that this is the reason why they changed the name of this product for the second iteration. I never managed to use them for proper power-based workouts and they messed up my data. They are the most expensive and heavy cadence sensors on the market. :wink:

Firstly, the Neo is measuring downstream in the drivetrain from the Favero’s. Drivetrain losses are typically 1-2%, so you would expect the Neo to be reading lower, even if both PM’s were 100% accurate.

Secondly, single sided power measures left only, and doubles it, while the Neo measures total power. If you have a L/R power imbalance (as most people do to some extent), then you can expect different power readings between left only power, and total power, even if both PM’s are functioning correctly.


I had BePro and now Assioma and I’m super happy with them. They read abut the same as my Rotor crankbased powermeter on my MTB. My Neo reads a bit lower than all of them, I think because of the loss in the drivetrain. AND as Long as the reading is consistant, the training is not impaired.

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What @mcalista said. If your left / right balance is 55/45, then bePRO S will read 110, and the Neo will read 100. That’s a 10% difference, or 20 watts if you’re pedalling at 200 w. My complaint about the bePRO was that it broke down after 3 years and 3 months, but accuracy was never a problem (according to DC Rainmaker)

Also, there could of course be a calibration problem with either the Neo or the bePRO pedal. Might help if you uninstall bePRO, reinstall it, do a dynamic calibration (then static of course) and see if there are any changes vs. the Neo.

I ever made a power comparison for Assioma Duo vs Elite Direto. They were almost same (same AP, NP, slight difference on max Power). Read the detail, Direto had a little delayed response while suddenly making power change(to higher or to lower). Not sure if Uno will make higher deviation or not.