FTP on Kickr core and Favero Assiomas

Hi all,

I have been using the Kickr core to do my ftp test and training for SSLV I and II as well as the latest test on sustained power lv.

I got Favero Assiomas middle of the SS II and have been using them to record my power to Edge 820 and Garmin Connect. At the same time I have kept using the Kickr power with TR to keep the same data/power without need to do a new ramptest in the middle of the SSLV.

During the training Kickr and Faveros have been between few watts in avg and NP. I have not made any comparisons between data files but it looks that in higher watts the differences have been bit bigger but pretty close.

Today when I did the ramp test to start the Sustained build I did use the Kickr so I could see my progress.

I accidently ended my Garmin/favero tracking after I could not go any longer and did not record the cool down after the test so the data is not exactly the “same” between the TR and garmin.

So my question is that I got a FTP 238W on Kickr and by calculating 75% of the best 1 minute power from Garmin data I got FTP of 234W (312x0.75).

I would like to continue with the Faveros and powermatch moving forward. So do you think I could just continue with the 238W power. Or is the 4W difference significant?

Or should I just use the kickr core power since it is so close to the Faveros and my future outdoor riding.

Problem is that during summer I will have my Faveros on my roadbike that is different compared to my current trainer bike. During summer I would like to use both of the bikes on the trainer. Probably mostly my current trainer bike but then with Kickr power since I don’t want to keep changing the pedals on the bikes.

I consider myself lucky since the powers seem to match quite well. And will probably be fine using any of the power sources. Or what do you think?

You use the Kickr of course! Why? Because it gave you the higher number! Thus, it must be the more accurate number! :rofl:

Seriously, that is like a 1.6% difference. Assuming it is consistently that small, then it probably does not matter which one you use. Ideally, you use the Faveros since that is what you will also use outside, giving you the same inside/outside power source.

p.s…Isn’t the biggest selling point (i.e., main reason to purchase) of pedal power meters the ability to move between bikes? The Faveros do not even need a torque wrench!