Favero Assioma Travel Mode

This is just a heads up for people who have the Favero Assioma Uno or Duo, or are going to be purchasing them…

The minute you place the pedals into “Travel Mode”, get the charger cables and put them with the rest of the gear you are taking to the race, training camp, or where-ever you are headed!!!

Over the weekend I had a race 3 hours from my house, so I put the pedals into “Travel Mode”. The problem was once I got the the location of the race, I realized I left the charging cables on my kitchen table!!! The only way to take the Assimoa pedals out of “Travel Mode” is to connect them to the charging cables!!!

Learn from my mistake…


After reading the horror stories in this thread: Favero Assioma power "freezing" I dont think I will ever put mine in travel mode!


I get what they’ve attempted to do with ‘Travel Mode’… but since you have to take the charger to wake them up kind of nullifies how useful this feature is… and given their ~60hr battery life, is anyone travelling 60hrs non stop (as in moving time where they won’t go to sleep)…?


I really don’t think that is necessary to switch on travel mode for only 3 hours traveling from home. :slight_smile:

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The duration of time travelling was irrelevant.

The important statement was to remember that you will need the charging cables to take them out of travel mode.

Whether traveling five minutes down the road or having your bike shipped to some far off destination… Remember… Pack your cable…


I could imagine some people (eg. Capetown) have a pretty complicated journey to get themselves and their bikes to Kona, involving ground transfers, multiple flights with turbulence, long transits (where the baggage handling systems sends the luggage off to longer term holding, then retrieves it before loading onto a plane), etc. then several days acclimatization before a long ride.

Although this is probably the extreme case that proves your rule.

Hey gang,

I made a rookie mistake. I put my Assioma Duo (power meter pedals) in Travel Mode but I didn’t bing my charging cable with me. It was the first time I used the Travel Mode and since I had plenty of battery, I didn’t even think about it. Unfortunately, the manual says I need the charging cables to turn them back on.

Please tell that’s not true. Am I out of luck?? If someone knows how to turn them back on, please let me know.


Unless you can find a riding buddy with Assioma’s, you just have a very expensive set of vanilla pedals for your trip.

Its a long shot, but you could post where you are traveling and see if there are any assioma owners on here who could help…

That’s a bummer. Oh well. Now I know how it works. Thanks for the help @Hamilton237 and @mcalista. I did my ride this morning and it was great, but I pushed too hard. My legs were pretty tired in the end. :slight_smile: I’m from Boston so I’m not used to the hills… and Scottsdale, AZ didn’t disappoint. The scenery was amazing and it wasn’t too hot early in the morning.


It’s a long shot, but try posting in the Scottsdale subreddit(or search for a Scottsdale cycling Facebook group) and just ask if any cyclist there have one. Cant hurt !


Just one cable and any USB power source. Plug cable into USB, connect to one pedal, then the other.

(But I’m sure you know that, Shane. :slight_smile: )

I know this isn’t a regular way but just am curious if anyone ever try not using Favero magnetic charger connector to successfully turn it back from Travel mode. I see there are 2 pins for 5V charing on Assioma sensor, is it workable that take any USB cable and strip it to show the cooper wire of PIN1(Red) and PIN4(Black) then connect them with Assioma???

I had the same thought but not willing to be the tester.

I just gave it a go and it works as you suggest. The terminal closer to the center line of the bike (inboard) is gnd/0v and the terminal closer to the pedal body (outboard) is 5vdc. The magnetic charger end appears to be just a passthrough.

Unfortunately there isn’t much distance between the contacts, so a very steady hand is needed. I got the wires lined up and then taped them on so i could open the app.

Disclaimer… this could break your pedals and void warranty, etc. It likely that an electronics company like favero would have some voltage protections built in but dont count on it. You may also damage the charger by shorting the terminals. Proceed at your own risk.

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Last year, I had a guy in Sydney who was on holiday in Adelaide also forget his cables. Luckily for him, where he was staying, was not far from me, so I was able to help him out after seeing his plea for help on the Adelaide Cyclists Facebook page.

Thus I would try the local Facebook group as well.

Ah I was wondering if a portable power pack would work. Can anyone confirm that it does?

It did for me last October. I tested it first. At home, put the pedals in travel mode, then test your battery pack. You may need to turn on the battery pack. Worst case, it doesn’t work, but you have access to AC and your charger.

Very true, didn’t want to risk it not coming back active before a ride tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Ever traveled from Australia to the US or Europe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: