How to get Assioma pedals out of travel mode?

Hey power pedal peeps— I’m on the road right now and put my Assioma UNO pedal in travel mode, but now I can’t get it OUT of travel mode because it seems I need the charger to do it. Which I didn’t bring, of course. Any hacks to wake this thing up so I can ride?

I have not tried this, ymmv! Good luck!

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Thanks!! Would like to try this, but only have iPhone cord, and no tools. Hmmm

Any hotel gift shop/convenience store/pharmacy should have a cheap USB cable and nail clippers?


It worked! Was a bit confused when I found red, green and white wires, but eventually figured it out. Thank you for saving my ride!


I’m not sure I should do a video on this. It’s a handy hack/tip. I was stoked when it worked for me… and I didn’t brick the pedals. I’m sure Favero will strongly discourage the practice though. :slight_smile:


I used a 9v battery and a couple of paper clips. You just need to make contact briefly, about a second. Then wait, the lights should flash and you are good to go. Important to pay attention to polarity, as noted. Yeah, you could void the warranty. So be extra cautious when doing this.