How to get Assioma pedals out of travel mode?

Hey power pedal peeps— I’m on the road right now and put my Assioma UNO pedal in travel mode, but now I can’t get it OUT of travel mode because it seems I need the charger to do it. Which I didn’t bring, of course. Any hacks to wake this thing up so I can ride?

I have not tried this, ymmv! Good luck!

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Thanks!! Would like to try this, but only have iPhone cord, and no tools. Hmmm

Any hotel gift shop/convenience store/pharmacy should have a cheap USB cable and nail clippers?


It worked! Was a bit confused when I found red, green and white wires, but eventually figured it out. Thank you for saving my ride!

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I’m not sure I should do a video on this. It’s a handy hack/tip. I was stoked when it worked for me… and I didn’t brick the pedals. I’m sure Favero will strongly discourage the practice though. :slight_smile: