Favero ASSIOMA PRO MX-2, new SPD power meter pedals

I think the Favero pedals are alright, nothing spectacular compared to my garmins. The Favero have more play in them, my foot moves around a lot more compared to garmin. I’ve tightened the cleats clamps down 4 notches and it helped a little bit.
Unlike others, I find the garmin pedals robust and have put them through the wringer. I wish I could compare power readings; pedal vs pedal and not pedal vs trainer like all reviewers do, and that’s not possible.
If you want to spend less money Faveros are worth it but theyre no better or worse than Garmins in my opinion.


I complained about sitting/standing errors to Favero support. Not because I care about the metric but just that I noticed it was weird. 36 hours later they sent me a firmware update that made the problem way better. As in, it pretty much agreed with my Rally’s. They are going to tweak it a bit more and then release a general update. Just to clarify- I did a test alternating about a minute of standing and sitting and sent them a .fit file. They were also able to check that the pedals were working otherwise correctly remotely when connected to the app.


Good to hear. I saw this conversation and was interested in doing some testing here… until the conversation blew up.

I’ll wait for them to update the firmware then look into it.


the rallys were great. just for me the issue was cost and stack height. is there more play with the assiomas? idk because i don’t remember from the rallys and i’ve been riding eggbeater 11s for like 15 years before and since the rallys, and those are basically designed for your cleats to fly all over the place. compared to those it feels like i’m bolted to the assiomas, no play whatsoever, but my perspective is very different

as for data yeah it’s remarkably similar to the rallys. really hard to compare based on similar rides from 2 years ago but everything seems to line up within a couple of points of each other on every metric except of course for that one thing i won’t mention :clown_face:

idk man garmin got a lot right with the rallys. i just think for me the stack height is huge. only one bash on a rock so far on the MX-2s after like 4 rides and it was 100% user error. i’m also really coming around to the fully sealed rechargeable batteries rather than having to mess with a battery cap every couple of months.

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aha thanks man. this is great news

Favero has the ability to activate firmware updates on a serial number basis. If you are interested you could email Favero support and they’d probably turn the update on for you. It would get them more data.


Grrr, I’ve been contacted by FedEx for £79 tax… and my link works :worried:

My import fees were just shy of £100 to the UK. Plus FedEx handling fee on top the total was £112.44

same…but doesn’t say when it’s due lol …

Got mine, install and setup was incredibly easy and straightforward.

For some completely non scientific comparative numbers I used three different power meters Quarq, Stages, Favero on the same segment using RPE.

Quarq: 296w
Stages: 251w
Favero: 304

Anecdotally, the Quarq and Faveros numbers feel similar to numbers I would see using a Powertap hub years ago

This is re assuring (to me) because I was absolutely convinced the stages was wildly wrong based on how many workouts I had been failing because the numbers just felt impossible to hit.


Is the Stages significantly different than your left only power? I always wondered why my Stages GRX power meter was so different from my Kickr, then I got Assiomas and found I have a 55L/45R balance typically.

I haven’t played around enough to figure out how to view single sided power, but I can see my L/R is 46%/54%
I was halfway expecting a greater imbalance based on the significant difference in watts.

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That’s a pretty big imbalance if you’re relying on left only power, actually


That’s true, but it’s also completely normal and what a lot of people see. Which is perfectly fine if you only have one PM. The problem comes when you’re trying to compare one PM to another, and at that point, it’s worth the extra money to buy duel sided.


Two things:

I used my pedals with the latest firmware for a 6 hour MTB race on Saturday and it’s showing 18:39 standing time, which would seem to be accurate.

I just noticed that the manual says only compatible with included cleats and Shimano SH51. I use SH56. This can’t be a problem, can it? As far as I know, they’re interchangeable.

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I can’t imagine there’s any difference re: the pedals. The only difference is the 51 only releases in one direction and the 56 in multiple. It wouldn’t hurt to ask Favero, but I’d be really surprised if it matters.

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Does anyone have an opinion on whether they think these pedals would be durable enough to use for cyclocross? I’m particularly thinking of when you bang your cleats on the pedal to dislodge mud.