Putting assiomas on MTB, bad idea?

I want to see my power I put out on the MTB trail. The trail mostly is gravel and dirt and I do fall occasionally. Is it really a bad idea to put my assiomas on my MTB, just to get an idea of what I do whilst MTB’ing?

Bad idea if you are going to knock the pedals on the ground.

Good idea if the pedals don’t get struck by anything solid.

That said, I have a pair of assiomas and I put them on a gravel bike. I’d get stones knocking them and all other kinds of bumps during a single ride. I value my duos’ health much more than seeing the data from easy gravel rides. I’m going to buy a crank based power meter for my gravel bike anyway.

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Bad idea in my case then. 175mm crank based PMs are hard to come by though, unfortunately

I have used my assioma UNO on a rough gravel route while exploring and I wouldn’t recommend it as you run the risk of damaging your spindle and it is not covered by warranty. The roughest surface I would ever go on with my assioma would be railes to trails. I am always cautious to avoid any rocks or stones even on rails to trails as they could easily damage the sensor. I am even hesitant to go on harsh bumpy gravel with these pedals. My bike is suitable for harsh terrain but my pedals are not :smiley:

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Are these regular Assiomas or the SPD hack? I wouldn’t wear road shoes MTBing, but I run my SPD hack Assiomas on my MTB here in CO. I wouldn’t run them on something really rocky, but I’ve run them on normal MTB rides here. Yeah, if something happens, they’re not covered by warranty, but at this point, I’ve been running them on the trainer and MTB for over a year, so I’d probably just bite the bullet and buy a new spindle (I’ve got converted Unos).


I do the same. I use my Assioma hack on the gravel bike all the time. I use them on my mtb for rides where I’m clipping in and not riding flat pedals (which means on XC stuff that isn’t gnarly). I would not run any road pedals on any gravel or mtb bike, but the hacked pedals are great for that. As far as warranty, we voided that as soon as we hacked them.


I’d like to see Favero try and figure out if the bodies have been swapped for MTB ones… it’s a pretty soft hack that is completely reversible.


Exactly what I was thinking.

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