Fatigue or tiredness

I have been trainer road plans and all was fine until some weeks ago when i started on just a cross country plan on low volume.
Every session i began to feel fatigue and tiredness taking over after the first interval and so this has been going on now for all sessions.
I have not changed my power ftp or have had a huge gap in riding or training.So i am wondering what this is now.
if Coach Chad or anyone has some similar experience or suggestions it would be great to hear or know.

For me the first interval is the hardest. Your legs, lungs and heart have just warmed up. Once I’m past that one things get easier, then harder and the last one is usually the best. You’ll get there.

Thank you Heltor.I hear what you saying and i agree.Only recently like say i could hold 95% FTP for 5 min x 4 but the same now is proving difficult!..Strange indeed.Cheers

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Lack of interest/motivation can also cause the feeling of tiredness as the plan drags on. Mix it up a bit, ride outside, take some time off, or lower your FTP a bit so the workouts seem easier again which does wonders for motivation. I always say I’d rather get through 100% of my workouts at 90% than 75% of them at 100%.


excellent feedback…Will reflect on it. :+1:

Lack of sleep has a massive impact on performance on the bike - as well as diet or a period of ‘lack of interest’. Any of these a factor for you?

I do have days when i don’t get good sleep but diet wise i am okay.And when its lack of sleep then i can tell so i back off or take off that day.

There could be a million reasons to feel like this. Most important is probably proper nutrition and proper sleep.
But generally you can try to see if something changed in your live since the last time you could train properly. Do you have more stress? Job wise or in your private live. Maybe there is some underlying health issue?
Maybe it’s vitamin D deficiency or iron deficiency or something like this. You could get a simple blood test to rule stuff like this out. Depending on where you live, there are actually quite cheap.