Fast Gravel Tyres For Hookless Rim?

I know there’s an “official” list of hookless compatible tyres but does anyone have any experience running other brands? IRC, Conti Terra’s etc? Seems to be very little info on what you can or cannot run. Thanks in advance!

NB: I’m aware of the GravelKing line but I haven’t had the best luck running them.

I am not really sure what official list of tyres you mean. It is more like that each wheel manufacturer has published a list of compatible tyres. For example

Unfortunately the lists are not always complete: for example the Zipp compatibility list does not contain their own G40 gravel tyre, which definitely is hookless compatible.

Of course each tyre manufacturer also tells which tyres are hookless compatible.

Not really. Plenty of riders are using tyres that are not listed as compatible. In fact most companies don’t say if they are or aren’t. And by official I mean the two lists you posted.

Rene Herse