Terra Speed 40mm & Hookless Rim?

Does anyone know if it’s safe to run 40mm Terra Speeds on hookless rims? Mechanic says it’s fine. Just thought I’d double check. Thanks in advance.

I’ve been running a set on Enve 3.4 ARs for the last year with no problem. I’ve put them through singletrack and crit racing and all the gravel in between.

Firstly, you really have to trust your mechanic . Or find another one. The other thing that’s cool is Google.

That said, it’s always important to check the manufacturer however in Continental’s case, their tubeless tires are hookless unless printed otherwise (see previous GP5000 sidewalls as an example).

Finally, be mindful of tire pressure recommendations. Exceeding 130% of max pressure recommended is a guarantee tire blow off.

Trust me. If I found a definitive answer on google I wouldn’t be posting here. I even wrote to continental. Got no response.

So you’re saying they’re hookless compatible? You’d think both Enve and Giant would add them to their lists.

I’m running them sub 40 psi. I only ask because I burped a tire bad this morning on a rather benign dip. Wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the rims.


No issues.

FWIW, I don’t thing anyone worries about anything over 32c. The issue seems to be a more vertical sidewall

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Ran them last year on zipp303s. And never had an issue.

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Run them on Hunt Carbon 650b hookless - only a few rides, but no issues so far.
Running 40mm Terraspeeds 650b

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My personal opinion is that burps are more influenced by the tightness of the fit due to the amount of rim tape, rather than some nebulous tire/rim shape interaction.

I’m not a mechanic though…so…hefty grain of salt with that haha.

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