Hookless tubeless tires on hooked tubeless rims

Google isn’t helping me. I know you need hookless specific tires on hookless rims, but can I use hookless tubeless tires on hooked tubeless rims. Any issues there?

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Yes. Getting them on might be PIA, but they will work

Thanks. It’s a fairly wide rim with a center channel, so I hope install isn’t too bad. Just wanted to make sure they are not going to explode or something.

The opposite. As the tires are made to stay on a rim that is hookless, the hooks will only add additional protection against the tires blowing off the rim. But pay attention to the max tire / rim inflation pressures, and use whichever is lower as the max

Don’t think there is any such thing as a hookless specific tyre. All tubeless ready tyres are compatible with hooked rims. A subset of them have been made in line with the ETRTO standard and are also compatible with hookless rims. E.g. The previous generation Conti GP5K tubeless tyre wasn’t compatible with hookless. The new S TR version is. If you had hooked rims and wanted to run a GP5K tubeless that’s what you’d buy.

In terms of pressure AFAIK the limit on all hookless setups is 5 bar or 72/73PSi, which is also what’s specified by the ETRTO standard. But if running hooked that limit doesn’t apply, you can go higher.

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Hopefully in the not so distant future, road tubeless will be a simple as MTB tubeless. Not 2 different standards…its just tubeless or not

You can still buy tires for MTB that are not tubeless compatible?

on the lower end, yes. Its few and far between though

As long as that standard involves hooked rims then all good :wink: