Help needed (UK) Gravel / Hookless newbie

Background first, I used to race 12/24 MTB races for a sponsored team, really enjoyed itbut just became to intense and gave it up, after wandering cycling clubs aimlessly for a few years, missing racing, I started TTing, but it was way to intense for me as I suffer from anxieties

So after 3 / 4 years of just riding, I spotted a major Gravel Race near me (ok it’s the National Championship) and the more I thought about it, the more it appealed, seemed like it might be like MTB’ing in the early 2000’s, and I got very excited

I’ve sourced a 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced 3, wanted a 0 … but saved the money and get some upgrades, got some Zipp303s cheapish, and this is where my troubles begin , tyres, being hookless, in the current climate how the hell do you go about a) finding suitable tyres b) finding them in hookless c) finding them available in the uk … can it even be done ?

Any help appreciated

Seems like Zipp have a list:

Also if you search the forum for “hookless”, you’ll get a few threads with people discussing individual tyres.

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Yeah I’ve looked at the Zipp list, but working out which tyre is gravel, which is a good gravel tyre, and then finding it online, and then available is causing me a lot of grief at the moment, I haven’t been able to find a instock hookless gravel tyre, so my choice seems to be what I can find

I have the Zipp 303S, great wheels! I’m running on road at the moment, and the Zipp tyre chart only really covers road tyres.

it does state below the chart " * Provided they are equipped with tubeless beads, wider gravel tires run at lower pressures are usually fine to use on hookless rims. In case of a doubt, please consult the tire manufacturer."

I’m planning on using the Zipps for gravel and CX, and believe i can pick and choose whichever tubeless tyre i want (unless tyre manufacturer specifically states “do not use on hookless”).

I believe the high pressure, low volume condition of road conditions is the most challenging condition for hookless (the worst case). Lower pressure and higher volume of gravel is a more acceptable condition, and therefore a tyre chart isn’t required.

  • disclaimer… i haven’t actually run these wheels on gravel yet! But 2 team mates do and have had no issues. I believe one of them is on Vittoria terrano dry, the other Michelin.
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Thank you, seems a little bit of miss understanding by me, done a little more reading in light of what you said, think I get it now, might only use tyres from the Giant (if they aren’t on the Zipp list) as that way I get to know that they have been tested in some way … cheers, appreciated

Edit **

I’ve just read the same thing on the Giant web site, tyres with max pressure < 72.5 are fine

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