Fans & sweat. Does increased cooling increase our sweat rate?

So having just started Zwift racing, I needed to tweak my fan set-up a bit to get some more air flow. I reckon I have it optimised now.

One weird thing is that on regular training rides, I feel like my sweat rate has increased with the additional cooling. Is this a thing? Does forcing sweat to evaporate more quickly somehow stimulate more sweating?

Not really a bad thing - just unexpected.

Iā€™m not sure increased evaporation would affect your sweat rate.

Sweat rate can change over time and this is one of the mechanisms of heat acclimatisation. Over time, with heat acclimatisation, the sweat glands become less fatigable (ie you can sweat for longer) and also the volume of sweat increases (whilst the concentration of the sweat reduces). Could it be that?



Along with that above, perhaps you are working harder (from the race effort, but also the better cooling) and demanding more from your body, that leads to the increased sweat?

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